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The Southern Co-op

Carbon reduction

September 17, 2012

We are working with The Southern Co-op retailer and a charity to provide the retailer with survey data, to provide them with the way forward for the future.

Cityzen is capturing data about the carbon efficiency of their 200 buildings to help them make informed decisions about their building portfolio.

Changes to their thermal performance of the buildings, lighting, heating, cooling and refrigeration can all make a difference to the way they use energy and produce carbon.

The retailer is bound by the Governments CRC scheme to monitor and report its carbon, we at Cityzen are committed to helping them reduce their energy usage.

We take our survey data to produce benchmark information,  services reports, capital expenditure information and renewables feasibility.

This gives them informed choices about how each building within their portfolio is performing, and what the potential is for renovation or retrofit.

The remit of this project has meant site surveys of 200 stores and funeral care buildings in a two year period which has been a exciting challenge which we have completed,  giving us an insight into their building stock  and enabling us to collate data from each site and and map out a strategy for them.