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Hanover Centre

Hanover Centre

January 30, 2014

We have had a relationship with the Hanover Centre which spans a few years, offering them advice and support to help them reduce their running costs and carbon emissions. We initially provided them with a base energy audit which was the basis of a Brighton university student project to develop some of our proposals, we then took this work and developed a work package to insulate the roof in the most cost effective way, along with other design works looking towards future funding projects. The above project was funded by Hanover Action for Sustainable Living and & Hanover 10:10, with additional funding from The Southern Co-op and works done at cost by Total Design. The project was programmed and developed over a number of months so as the time on site was minimised, the centre’s down time kept to a minimum. Total design took control of the site on the Monday morning and worked to program to finish the project by 5.30pm Friday ready for the hall users the next day. The response from the uses and stakeholders has be great and the hall is now a much more useable space and half of the exiting heating has now been removed considerably reducing the bills and carbon emissions. We are committed to make a difference within local communities and this project has so far delivered a better environment and a reduction in energy which we are proud of.

The centre has now had a years worth of bills since the the refurbishment and we are really happy to say that we helped them to get down to a 60% reduction in gas usage!